C'mon it's my new skill, dude..!!

Damn..! Where's that ball, I really need that..

Maybe I should act the weird'o  face, cuz' I'm about to win this match...!!

Oouu'... that's geekin' by ball..

Oo. No..!! I'm about to fail, I just try my best to avoid it..

I'll never ever called 'him', lil' snail again.. I swear.. 

Seems like you wore a wrong uniform..!!

Aarg..! Not again... #@$%^&..

Say's hello to ur new lens..

Ooh.. Sh*t, I hate flashes..!!

Someday I gonna be like him as well...!!

*Okay, maybe these snap kinda lil' rude and illegal  for my blog.. 
But c'mon guys, sometime you need to learn to laugh...

Source by : WTFMoment.Com